[Read the poem in Finnish ǀ Lue runo suomeksi]

Ethene can not be seen by me
Ethene is a gas
that is a double-bonded molecule
It has two carbon atoms and four hydrogen atoms
Have you heard what they might be?

Carbon is the C
Hydrogen is the H
together they are
C2H4 molecule

Ethene is an explosible gas
The fate of one of its researchers
was thus to depart
into carbon dioxide
and evaporate

Filled with ethene
are factories around the world’s provinces
Maybe it isn’t needed for making wires
but with it are made plastic barrels

Does anyone know other products
where ethene is in command?

Believe it or not
and you will believe
Ethene is part of alcohol
It bubbles in the vessels
It is catalyzed
It is set to ferment
And it is not given a full door ban

This evening
we will toast
– viva la Ostrobothnia! –
gin and whiskey
Long Drink and Dairy Cream

The most famous booze
Koskenkorva from the hometown
we won’t taste it today
although there’s no reason to defame it in a poem
that changed from a science rhyme to promotional
Therefore, it is necessary to move on
to be an alcohol educator
and finally remind
that alcohol can also be a spirit lifter

Kippis ja cheers
Gingin ja please
let’s not take too much
it’s bad alcohol policy
and especially in the morning
booze will pay you back in spades

Well well
all’s well in the province
we are here to enjoy
Kippis ja cheers
Gingin ja please
let’s enjoy the night
and good company bright!


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