Will You Irritate Me?

[Lue runo suomeksi / Lies das Gedicht auf Deutsch.]

The journey toward self-acceptance can begin
from identifying an irritating feature in someone else

Ask yourself
what irritates you
Do you see something
that you admire
but don’t possess yourself
like appropriateness or vice versa: silliness

Why do we so often admire
what we don’t have
Is that the way to keep a bumblebee’s insecurity a constant?

And if you identify the feature in your partner
it’s time to ask
who’s actually the one making the relationship more stable or
fun perhaps
whatever it is that you want:
a controlled way of flying
or having foolish fun after all

Recognizing the irritation can neutralize it
It is the only way toward accepting dissimilarity
that lives both in ourselves and others
when we get there
we grow deeper relationships with ourselves, others, even trees

By crossing this abyss we start to get even more in love with ourselves and others and trees and furries

I promise to love your irritating features the most
even though it requires a conscious effort

Do hum about this in the home base:
What puts whom on the fence?
This will discharge the energy of difference
give dualism some sense

Through our senses
we buzz to address anxiety in our relationship or colony
and our lives become free from anxiety
Then and only then is it possible to avoid solutions
that rip relationships apart
as by themselves

Do fight for your relationship though:
don’t look for a guilty party in or outside of it
recognize difficulties
take responsibility
make your own decisions
even without the master presen t
and without thinking how they’d solve the issue
or without imagining how an imagined change would solve the issue (Nikkola, 2011)
bad solutions may be more important than
stalling, havering and wavering

We have reason to ban the phrases that mitigate our feelings in our colony:
we should not deny our feelings to deal with them
paying attention to them makes us most organized

Let us proclaim the beginning of centuries of feelings
Let us pronounce anxiety as the new super power
let the power churn
the world upside down turn
for the wellbeing of all little bumblebees out there

Let us forget about the unnecessary evils
leave the waters and the nectars
eat dust and honey
scrape by, freeze, harden ourselves

How else to paperlessly buzz or swap honey on the blockchains
with the flame burning tame?
The solution can hardly be the distancing of the colonies from each other
unless we extend it all the way to substancelessness?
I vibrate

Perhaps the idiocy of the tyrant has provided the other colonies with a solution:
the patronization of addictions should be reserved only
for those with a sense of justice
The only thing left is the preservation of historical facts and relative realities
buzzing about those and present experiences cherishing freedom with that for that if anything will prevent polarization


Nikkola, T. (2011). Oppimisen esteet ja mahdollisuudet ryhmässä. Syyllisyyden kehittyminen syntipukki-ilmiöksi opiskeluryhmässä ohjaajan tulkitsemana. University of Jyväskylä. Retrieved 2022-09-27 from http://urn.fi/URN:ISBN:978-951-39-4505-3

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Title: Buzzing Like a Bumblebee
Original title: Pörriäisen surinoita
Publisher: Ethene oy, Isokyrö, Suomi-Finland, www.ethene.eu
Author: Heli Susanna Katajamäki
Translator: Susanna Rönn
Illustrator: Heta Kettunen

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